HA2B5-S / HA3B3-S

±2000V, ±5mA / ±3000V, ±3mA Precision High Speed High Voltage Amplifiers

HA2B5-S - High Voltage Amplifier

The HA2B5-S and HA3B3-S are high precision high voltage amplifier 3U / 8HP / 220mm plug-in cards. They provide output voltages between -2000V and +2000V at ±5mA (HA2B5-S) and between -3000V and +3000V at ±3mA (HA3B3-S). The amplifier output is available via an SHV connector located on the front panel.

Signal gain is 200 (HA2B5-S) or 300 (HA3B3-S), the input voltage range is ±10V. The amplifier features high precision, very high DC stability, high speed as well as very low ripple and noise. The amplifier output is driven by a linear four quadrant high voltage power stage featuring very low distortion. It easily drives capacitive and resistive / capacitive loads.

Optionally the amplifier modules are available with even lower noise at reduced bandwidth and slew rate.

Two amplifier modules can be configured to provide differential output voltages. In this case the input signal is fed to the master channel only. The slave channel provides the identical magnitude of the output voltage at inverse polarity.

The output voltage is controlled by means of a differential setpoint input . The amplifier is equipped with voltage and current monitor outputs and a TTL compatible INHIBIT input.

The amplifier output is protected against overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage and high voltage flashover / arc.

External supply voltage is +24V. The high voltage generator is part of the module.

A safety interlock circuit is provided to integrate the unit into an emergency shutdown circuit. When the interlock loop is open, the internal high voltage sources are being shut down.

The mainframe HAR42-4 is available to accommodate up to four amplifier plug-in cards.

Customized and full custom models of the high voltage amplifier modules and mainframes are available on request.


  • High Precision, High Stability
  • Low Noise
  • High Speed
  • Differential Mode
  • Inhibit Input
  • V/I Monitor Outputs
  • Local High Voltage Generation
  • Interlock Input


  • Electrostatic Deflection
  • Mirror Deflection / Deforming
  • Electrophoresis
  • Ion Beam Deflection
  • Electro Optics
  • MEMS
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • High Voltage Testing


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Safety Advice

Design, installation and inspection of machinery and devices carrying high voltage require accordingly trained and qualified personnel. Appropriate safety rules and directives must be complied with.
Improper handling of high voltage can mean severe injuries or death and may cause serious collateral damage!