HAR2 / HAR12

High Voltage Amplifier Mainframe 1/2/12 Channels

HAR2 / HAR2-W / high-voltage-amplifier-mainframes

The HAR2 and HAR12 are 3U mainframes to be equipped with high precision high voltage amplifier modules HA05B2 (3U high, 6HP wide plug-in modules). The channels provide output voltages in the range of –500V to +500V at load current of ±2mA each.

The HAR2 / HAR2-W mainframes accommodate up to 2 amplifier modules. HAR2 is a table top unit, HAR2-W is a wall-mount type.

The 19"/3U HAR12S mainframe accommodates up to 12 modules. It features internal power supplies, cooling fans and a common Interlock input for all channels. This subrack may be used in rack mounted or bench top applications.

HAR12 / high-voltage-amplifier-mainframe

The HAR2 mainframe is fed by an external 24VDC ±10% power supply.
The HAR12S is supplied by mains voltage.
The mainframes contain high voltage converters to feed the HA05B2 amplifier channel modules.

Both the output voltage and the load current of each channel can be displayed on 4½ digit DVMs. A switch is provided for selection of the channel to be measured.

All output connectors are SHV type, mounted on the front panel (HAR2) or on the rear panel (HAR12S).

Specification HAR2 / HAR2-W:

Supply Voltage: 22.8 … 25.2VDC / 0.6A
Dimensions HAR2 (WxHxD):

140 x 134 x 263mm3

Dimensions HAR2-W (WxHxD): 178 x 134 x 263mm3
Weight w/o amplifier modules: 1.4kg
Output connectors: SHV on front panel
Cooling: Convection cooled

Specification HAR12S:

Mains Voltage: 95 … 265VAC / 47 … 63Hz
Mains fuses in the IEC inlet: 2x T3.15A, 250V, IEC127-2/V
Grounding / Earth: M4 bolt in rear panel
Dimensions (WxHxD): 481 x 134 x 370mm3
Weight w/o amplifier modules: 5.3kg
Output connectors: SHV on rear panel
Cooling: 2 cooling fans


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Safety Advice

Design, installation and inspection of machinery and devices carrying high voltage require accordingly trained and qualified personnel. Appropriate safety rules and directives must be complied with.
Improper handling of high voltage can mean severe injuries or death and may cause serious collateral damage!