HA51U series

±500V to 6000Vpp, 15W – 20W, Programmable High Speed High Voltage Amplifiers


High-Voltage-Amplifier HA51U
High-Voltage-Amplifier HA51U-3
  • ±500V to 6000VPP
  • Bipolar, Unipolar and Unsymmetrical
  • High Precision, High Speed
  • Fully User Programmable:
    Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Modular / 3U Cassette
  • Arbitrary Signal Generation
  • Control - Feedback Applications
  • Made in Germany


  • EAP
  • Piezo
  • ER Fluids
  • Mirror Deflection / Deforming
  • Electrophoresis
  • Ion Beam Deflection
  • Electro Optics
  • MEMS
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • High Voltage Testing

The HA51U series is a family of single channel, bipolar, unipolar and unsymmetrical high voltage amplifiers. They feature high speed, high precision and high stability as well as very low ripple and noise. They are designed to drive capacitive and resistive loads. High peak output current facilitates easy driving of capacitive loads.

Each amplifier of the HA51U series is equipped with voltage and current monitor outputs, a TTL-compatible INHIBIT input and further monitoring outputs. The output stage is fed by internal high voltage sources. The amplifier output is protected against overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, overtemperature and high voltage flashover.
A safety interlock feature is provided to integrate the unit into a safety circuit.

An isolated USB interface is provided to control the amplifier by means of a simple command interface (setting of the output voltage, monitoring of output voltage, current, temperature and further operational parameters, configuring the amplifier).
Alternatively, the internal microcontroller can be used to run the user's own application code. This can be simple arbitrary waveform generation or direct control of the output voltage via USB.
More complex applications are possible too. General Purpose I/O lines and a separate analog input are provided to connect additional components to the amplifier that can be controlled.
Programming of the controller is possible e.g. by means of the free Arduino IDE.

The amplifiers are available in a robust modular metal case or as 3U cassette versions. The modular units can be used as a table-top device or built into an appliance.

Up to four 3U cassette version units can be plugged into a 19" subrack – see HAR-51-4M.

Model Overview

Max. Output Current
Static / Dynamic
Modular Case
3U Cassette
Signal Gain Slew
-500V – +500V ±20mA / 40mAp HA51U-0.5B20 HA51U-0.5B20-3 50 100V/µs 0 – 30kHz
-200V – +800V ±20mA / 40mAp HA51U-0.8P20-3 80 100V/µs 0 – 30kHz
0 – +1000V ±20mA / 40mAp HA51U-1P20 HA51U-1P20-3 100 100V/µs 0 – 30kHz
-1000V – +1000V ±10mA / 20mAp HA51U-1B10-3 100 80V/µs 0 – 15kHz
-400V – +1600V ±10mA / 20mAp HA51U-1.6P10-3 160 80V/µs 0 – 15kHz
0 – +2000V ±10mA / 20mAp HA51U-2P10-3 200 80V/µs 0 – 15kHz
-1500V – +1500V ±5mA / 10mAp HA51U-1.5B5 HA51U-1.5B5-3 150 40V/µs 0 – 5kHz
0 – +3000V ±5mA / 10mAp HA51U-3P5 HA51U-3P5-3 300 40V/µs 0 – 5kHz
-2000V – +2000V ±4mA / 8mAp HA51U-2B4 HA51U-2B4-3 200 25V/µs 0 – 2kHz
-3000V – +3000V ±2.5mA / 5mAp HA51U-3B2 HA51U-3B2-3 300 15V/µs 0 – 1kHz
0 – +6000V ±2.5mA / 5mAp HA51U-6P2 HA51U-6P2-3 600 25V/µs 0 – 1.5kHz

Models shown in grey (HA51U-1.5B5(-3) and HA51U-6P2(-3)) are under development and not yet available.


The HAR-51-4M is a 19"/3U subrack for up to 4 high voltage amplifier modules HA51...-3.
It features internal power supplies, cooling fans, a common Interlock input for all channels and an HV OFF button.
Customized and full custom models are available on request.


The information given here is technical data, not assured product characteristics. It has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for inaccuracies. The user has to ensure by adequate tests that the product is suitable for his application regarding safety and technical aspects.
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Safety Advice

Design, installation and inspection of machinery and devices carrying high voltage require accordingly trained and qualified personnel. Appropriate safety rules and directives must be complied with.
Improper handling of high voltage can mean severe injuries or death and may cause serious collateral damage!