High Voltage Power Supplies

SHR series

Output 2kV/6mA - 6kV/2mA
SHR Series - Switchable High End High Precision AC/DC Desktop HV Power Supplies


  • 2/4 channels, 2kV/6kV versions
  • Electronically switchable polarity
  • 6kV channel with electronically switchable modes:
    up to 2kV/4mA, 4kV/3mA or 6kV/2mA
  • High precision / very low ripple and noise
  • Ethernet / USB interfaces, integrated iCS on ARM Linux server hardware
  • 4.3“ TFT capacitive touch multimode display
  • Logging, diagrammatic display, script control
  • Made in Germany

The SHR series represents standalone High Precision HV laboratory SMU - Source Measuring Unit - equipped with the finest High Voltage generation technology and iCS control system.
The SHR provides up to four HV channels, each with an independent voltage and current control and reversible polarity.
A completely new developed flexible 6kV channel provides a maximum versatility. With three electronically switchable HV generation modes it can supply 4mA up to voltages of 2kV, 3mA up to 4kV or 2mA up to 6kV. Alternatively the SHR can be equipped with cost efficient 2kV/6mA fixed channels.
A high quality 4.3“ TFT shows detailed information and can be controlled by capacitive touch. All comprehensive features like logging, graphical display and customer specific plugins are also available by the precise jog wheel and buttons.

HPS series

Output up to 100kV / 300W, 350W, 800W, 1.5kW, 3kW, 6kW, 10kW
HPS Series - Digital Controllable High Voltage Power Supplies


  • 300W - 10kW / 1kV - 100kV versions
  • 19“ rack mountable or compact box version
  • Best control characteristics
  • Multiple interface options
  • Capacitor charger option
  • Ultrafast ARC management options
  • Very low ripple and noise, very low EMI
  • Parallel operation for power increase

HPS devices are digital controlled AC driven high voltage power supplies with high power density at best output characteristics.
The processor controlled supplies can flexibly be adapted to any kind of application by configuring many options.
PWM controlled output parameters, small ripple and noise and stored energy, up to 93% efficiency and almost loss free switching of semiconductors make HPS devices the most advanced AC/DC HV power supply for industrial and research applications.

GPS series

Output up to 70kV / 300W, 350W, 800W
GPS Series - Analog Controllable High Voltage Power Supplies


  • 300W - 800W / 1kV - 70kV versions
  • 19“ rack mountable, compact box or custom specific versions
  • Best control characteristics
  • Analog I/O
  • Capacitor charger option
  • ARC management option
  • Very low ripple and noise, very low EMI
  • High efficiency up to 85%

Devices of GPS series are analog controlled AC driven high voltage power supplies with a high power density at best output characteristics.
Due to the wide range of customization possibilities, these devices are the perfect choice to match user's requirements at a very reasonable price.

Output up to 30kV up to 150W per channel
THQ series - High Voltage Power Supplies


  • High precision output voltage 500V - 30kV
  • Very low ripple and noise.
  • Output power up to 150W per channel
  • Free configurable
  • LCD displays for voltage and current
  • Voltage setting via 10-turn potentiometer or
  • USB interface and analog I/O for each channel on D-Sub 9 connector

Inxpensive and robust high voltage power supplies: 1 or 2 channels in desktop housing, or 1 to 3 channels in 19"/2U. Equipped with HMC, HMD or HME HV modules in many combinations.


The information given here is technical data, not assured product characteristics. It has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for inaccuracies. The user has to ensure by adequate tests that the product is suitable for his application regarding safety and technical aspects.
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Safety Advice

Design, installation and inspection of machinery and devices carrying high voltage require accordingly trained and qualified personnel. Appropriate safety rules and directives must be complied with.
Improper handling of high voltage can mean severe injuries or death and may cause serious collateral damage!