AC/DC Power Supplies

OEM Power Supplies


Our affiliate company WME Power Systems GmbH specializes in custom solutions of power supplies, power electronics and high voltage since 1982.

Products developed and manufactured by WME are used all over the world, e.g. in medical, industrial or scientific applications.

Please use our Inquiry form to submit your individual request for a custom power solution.

Output 40V / 400W
DPS-series - ac-dc-power-supplies

These power supplies for drive technology combine a powerful DC-output with peak current up to 6 times. A ballast resistor for motor braking deceleration is included. The DPS404A type has an integrated auxiliary supply 24V / 0.4A in place of the ballast resistor.
The power supplies are build in a robust metal housing for wall mounting and do not need an integrated fan.
Customized output voltages to suit the specific demands are available.

Output 3.3V to 60V / 15W to 1800W
AC-DC-Power-Supplies - HSW series

Compact power supplies for industrial loads, including factory automation, burn-in, test and measurement environments and process control.
The HWS series is available in power levels from 15W to 1800W. Universal input with PFC.

Output voltages ranging from 3.3V to 60V. Option: programmable output voltage. Parallel operation (up to 5 units) for models from 300W up.

Medical approved models, high peak power models and heavy duty models available.

The HWS series power supplies feature solid metal covers and screw terminals.