High Voltage Amplifier Mainframe 4 Channels


High Voltage Amplifier Mainframe - HAR42-4
High Voltage Amplifier Mainframe - HAR42-4
  • Mainframe for 4 Amplifier Modules HA2B5-S or HA3B3-S
  • Internal Power Supplies 24V for Modules
  • Common Interlock Input
  • Quick Disable Input
  • HV OFF Palm Button
  • Differential Output Mode
  • 4U / 42HP Tabletop Housing
  • Cooling Fans
  • Made in Germany


  • Multichannel Actuator Drive
  • EAP
  • Piezo
  • Mirror Deflection / Deforming
  • Electrophoresis
  • Ion Beam Deflection
  • ER Fluids
  • Electro Optics
  • MEMS
  • High Voltage Testing

The HAR42-4 is a tabletop subrack 4U / 42HP to accommodate up to 4 high voltage amplifier modules HA2B5-S or HA3B3-S. It features internal power supplies 24V for the amplifier modules, cooling fans, a common interlock input for all channels and a HV off button.
Supply voltage:  95-265VAC / 47-63Hz.

The high voltage amplifier channels can be remotely switched off through the DISABLE input. The signal is available through connector INTERLOCK on the HAR42-4's rear panel. During disable the internal high voltage sources are not turned off. Therefore it must not be used for safety relevant purposes.

The amplifier modules incorporate an interlock circuit through which the supply voltage of the high voltage sources is switched. The pins for an external interlock circuit are available on the rear connector INTERLOCK. To enable the high voltage generators, these pins has to be connected by a jumper or a contact. The HV off palm button is looped into the interlock circuit. When the interlock circuit is closed and the HV off palm button is released, the palm button will be lit to indicate that the high voltage sources are switched on.
The high voltage generation is not in operation until the Interlock shutdown state is cleared by shutdown reset.

During operation, the internal auxiliary supplies, overload of the high voltage sources, overtemperature and interlock are monitored. In the event of a fault, the high voltage supplies are switched off; the shutdown state is latched and displayed on LEDs. A shutdown state can only be exited by means of a shutdown reset (push button SDN Reset on the front panel or signal SDR on connector INTERLOCK). After power on the unit will be in shutdown state.

Two amplifier modules can be configured to operate in a differential output mode. In this configuration, only amplifier 1 (Master) receives the input signal from the signal source. Amplifier 2 (Slave) receives the input signal through the backplane of the subrack. The signal to amplifier 2 is inverted (180° phase shift in respect to amplifier 1). This mode can be used e.g. to differentially drive two deflection plates or to drive a floating load with up to 8000VPP.

The speed of the cooling fans is controlled automatically by the temperature of the amplifier modules. Air intake is below the front panels.

Customized and full custom models are available on request.


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Safety Advice

Design, installation and inspection of machinery and devices carrying high voltage require accordingly trained and qualified personnel. Appropriate safety rules and directives must be complied with.
Improper handling of high voltage can mean severe injuries or death and may cause serious collateral damage!