GENH series


programmierbares DC-Netzteil GENH

The new half-width GENH units provide a wide range of output voltages. Standard models are available with outputs from 0-8V to 0-300V, with efficiencies up to 88%. Like its bigger brothers GENH is packed with features. These include built-in RS232/RS485 interface, constant voltage/constant current operation with automatic crossover, remote sensing, voltage and current adjust via high resolution encoders, high resolution programming with a 16-bit readback and software calibration which removes the need for internal trimmers.
GENH is capable of parallel operation with active power sharing, and through its cooling fan speed control ensures an extended fan life. External voltage programming (0-5V/0-10V), external resistive programming
(0-5K/0-10K) and output voltage and current monitoring (0-5V/0-10V) are all user selectable via the rear panel controls.
Factory fitted options include a GPIB IEEE-488.2 interface (SCPI compliant) for digital programming and Isolated Analogue modules that allow full function master/slave control of a number of supplies operating in series. Accessories include kits that allow two units to be mounted side-by side in a 19-inch rack and several units to be 'stacked' within a rack.
Built-in protective functions include over voltage protection, under voltage limit, foldback protection and over temperature protection.
Safety approvals include UL60950 and EN60950 (TUV).
The units comply with a broad range of EMC regulations including EN55024, EN55022 and FCC.


  • Highest Power Density available: 750W in 1U half-rack
  • Wide Range Input 85 - 265Vac Continuous, single phase, 47/63Hz
  • Active Power Factor Correction 0.99
  • Output up to 600V, Current up to 100A
  • Built in RS232/RS485 Interface
  • Front Panel Lockout
  • Last Setting Memory
GENH 6-100 8-90 12.5-60 20-38 30-25 40-19 60-12.5 80-9.5 100-7.5 150-5 300-2.5 600-1.3
Uout (VDC) 6 8 12.5 20 30 40 60 80 100 150 300 600
Iout (ADC) 100 90 60 38 25 19 12.5 9.5 7.5 5 2.5 1.3
Pout (W) 600 720 750 760 750 760 750 760 750 750 750 780