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Wave Standard Series

The Wave Standard Series is a family of single and dual channel arbitrary / function generators, designed to provide superior performance at a low price.
This series incorporates Tabor’s award-winning „best of both worlds” technology, having both memory-based, true arbitrary waveform generator architecture for accurate, jitter-free waveforms alongside a DDS-based generator to create all the standard modulation formats.
Packed into a compact and efficient 2U ½ rack size box, all in one easy to use high performance unit, makes the Wave Standard series, by far, the best in its category (AFGs) for size, price and performance.

Wonder Wave Series

The Wonder Wave Series expands Tabor’s wide line of arbitrary waveform generators and breaks new ground in sample clock speeds, memory and instrument control. The Wonder Wave series’ unique design combines two technologies, making use of the best qualities from each of the types of generators.
While being a true arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), memory-based with all the memory management capabilities to create complex waveforms, it implements a DDS to create all the standard modulation formats and frequency agility capabilities.

WaveXciter Series

The WaveXciter Series can generate literally any waveform, at frequencies up to 1GHz with 8 digits of resolution and 1 point granularity, resulting in the highest precision signal creation and regeneration. Aside from its natural ability to generate arbitrary waveforms, the WaveXciter can also be used as a full-featured standard, modulation or pulse / pattern generator to solve various applications. Its affordable footprint saves space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

Pulse Master Series

The Pulse Master Series is a series of Pulse Generators that in addition to its high performance pulse features generate a complete array of standard, arbitrary, sequenced and modulated waveforms, which are necessities in today’s laboratories. All these cutting-edge features are packed into a compact 2U ½ rack size box, offering never-before integration levels and making them, by far, the best in their category for size-price-performance adaptable to virtually any application.

Pulse Function Generators

Function Generators are basic tools for any laboratory. The basic features and functions are common to most function generators that are available on the market, except Tabor offers the highest end of products with truly analog signals reaching frequencies to 50MHz. Tabor also offers Pulse / Function Generators combo, in which most standard Function Generator features are preserved and some pulse capabilities are added.
Tabor Pulse / Function Generators are equally suitable for use on the bench and in an automated test systems.